Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
Supplanter Counseling conducts drug and alcohol evaluations requested by the Court, attorneys, probation and other agencies.

Department of Transportation Substance Abuse Professional Services (SAP)

When employees use substances while working in safety sensitive occupations, it poses a risk to the public. A SAP professional serves as a gatekeeper to protect the public and to determine if an employee can return to drive a school bus, commercial truck or train, fly a plane or work on an oil tanker or a gas pipeline.

As a qualified Substance Abuse Professional, Ms. Porter-Stewart’s evaluation may include:

  • Providing recommendations for appropriate education and/or treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare and case management services
  • Reporting the employee’s compliance/noncompliance to the employer
  • Performing follow-up evaluations before returning to safety-sensitive duties

DUI and DWI Evaluations

Supplanter Counseling & Mediation conducts DUI and DWI evaluations and confers with clients’ attorneys or probation officers about their arrest and provide the court clinical recommendations for appropriate treatment. In addition, Supplanter Counseling & Mediation provides drug and alcohol counseling, education and reports clients’ compliance to the court.

Supplanter Counseling & Mediation provides alcohol and/or substance abuse evaluations after a DWI or DUI arrest and prior to a conviction. The process consists of a 2 hour evaluation and substance abuse screening instruments are administered. In the following session, a written report will be provided which is typically sent attorney or Probation Officer as requested. Supplanter Counseling & Mediation also provide drug /alcohol psycho-education and counseling and notifies the court of successful completion of education and /or treatment.

Forensic Evaluations
The criminal courts typically seek background information about defendants and the circumstances surrounding their arrest.

In collaboration with a neuropsychologist, Ms. Porter-Stewart lends her forensic and clinical experience by writing reports based on comprehensive evaluations on behalf of clients seeking and alternative to incarceration or reduced sentence. These reports are presented to the court during pre-trial negotiations and sentencing.