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Here’s How It Works:
  1. Request a consultation time on my online calendar.

  2. Watch for a link in your email inbox. Click the link to complete a brief online form.
    NOTE: This form is required in order for your appointment request to be approved. You will be required to input your demographic information (name, address, DOB, etc.) and insurance information so that I can confirm your benefits.

  3. Receive a confirmation. You’ll get an email confirming your appointment time.

  4. Meet at the appointed time.

    • If you requested a phone call, I’ll call your number on file.

    • If you requested a video meeting, you’ll receive a link to the video meeting 10 minutes prior to the meeting in your email or text (depending on what you choose for appointment reminders).

  5. Need to reschedule/cancel? Log into the portal anytime to make changes.

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