Substance Use/Abuse Counseling
Supplanter Counseling & Mediation recognizes the challenges individuals who struggle with substance abuse and addictions face. To meet their needs, Supplanter Counseling & Mediation focuses on relapse prevention, harm reduction and strength-based techniques. In addition, Ms. Porter-Stewart offers family counseling, which includes substance abuse education to help loved ones understand their role in the client’s recovery. Ms. Porter-Stewart supports all clients’ recovery choices, including medication assisted addiction therapy (suboxone and methadone), self-help programs and SMART Recovery.

Substance Use Monitoring
Supplanter Counseling & Mediation offers  alcohol and drug testing in collaboration with Affinity eHealth, Inc. Research shows that drug testing helps to improve the success rate of people who are committed to the recovery process.   A specimen collection fee is payable at the time of the test. In addition, a monthly monitoring fee is also be charged. Supplanter Counseling & Mediation invites clients to discuss and consider this exciting recovery tool.